discharge pressure switch UL approvals

discharge pressure switch UL approvals

Model No.︰SYK102

Brand Name︰SEGMEN

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

SYK102Discharge Pressure Switch

Working PrinciplerinciplePrinciplePrinciple

When the gas or liquid level pressure in the pipeline reaches the set value, the pressure sensing components (diaphragm, piston, etc.) in the switch will be deformed, trigger the internal micro switch, and then output an electrical signal.


SYK102pressure switch has the characteristics of small size and good product stability. It is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, iron and steel plants, pipelines, pharmaceutical plants and other fields. It is an indispensable sensing device in process control systems.


Shell material: Cast aluminum, epoxy coating

Ambient temperature: -40 to 70°C

Medium temperature: -18 to 70°C

Measuring element form: Diaphragm

Adjustable operating point range: 1.0~34.5 bar

Operating point accuracy: 0.50%

Factory setting action pressure point:

action when the pressure rises to 3.5 bar

Over-range working pressure: 103.4 bar

Withstand pressure: ≥17.2 bar


Contact action form: single pole double

throw (SPDT) external manual reset

Installation: 1/4NPT internal thread connection

Protection code: IP65

Allowable operating speed: 0.01mm-1m/s *1

Allowable operating frequency: 240times/Min

Vibration resistance: 10~55Hz

double amplitude 1.5mm*5

Impact resistance: up to 1,000m/s

Life: 300,000 times



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