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Pressure sensor

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Product Description

Affordable. can withstand high pressure
From (2-150) Psi, the set value not adjustable. Deadband: 1-2Psi
Pressure rating: 500 Psi (34 bar)
Enclosure material: Polyimide and brass, applicable media: compatible with liquids and gases
Temperature range:-40 to 250F(-40 to 120C)
Repeatability:5% of maximum set point
Electrical output form: SPST,100VA42V
Electrical interface size:1/4NPT (F), (6.3 mm) (6.3 mm patch-type or cable-type lead
Media interface size:1/8” NPT (M)
Shipping weight:0.06kg

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Segmen industry company provides reliable,durable proximity and level sensing in the most demanding conditions. Using unique technology, Segmen outperforms all other types of sensors in applications that require high reliability and durability.

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