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Pressure sensor

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Product Description

Working pressure: -0.1MPa to 27.5MPa, set point adjustable
Piston stroke: 0.25mm piston stroke, of long service life
Electrical output form: SPDTDPDTseparate electrical and set point
adjustment boxes
Switch elements used in 6 groups and equipped with 6-positioncompact terminal block
Explosion-proof grade:B series Dll-CT4,J series Dll-BT4
Contact capacity :15A 250VAC
Enclosure type: waterproof NEMA 4,IP65
Enclosure material: Copper-free aluminum or cast iron
·Media interface size:1/4”NPT (F) 12”NPT (F)
Electrical interface size:3/4” NPT (F)
right electrical interface size: PF 3/4” (F)

Shipping weight: 6063-T5 aluminum: 4kg.cast iron: 5kg

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